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The Hotel Hunters search over 235,000 hotel prices in 36,000 destinations across 225 countries worldwide to find you the cheapest hotel deal. So, whether you are away on business in Singapore, visiting family in France or on holiday in Greece, you are sure to find the cheapest hotel deals with The Hotel Hunters.

If you already know where you are travelling to and are looking for the cheapest hotel prices then begin by selecting your destination, length of stay and number of people and rooms required from the search box on the left. If you are unsure of your destination then be sure to check out our popular destinations and traveller reviews before searching for your perfect hotel deal.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Located on the sun-soaked Persian Gulf coast, Dubai is often described as glitzy and glamorous oil rich country. From the luxury shopping malls and boutiques, flamboyant hotels, a dizzying array of hip night scenes, it’s certainly a city to go explore and spoil yourself in.

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New York, USA

Known to many as the "Big Apple", New York boasts an amazing sky line with a wonderful diversity of local cultures and cuisines throughout Manhattan. The city offers visitors Broadway plays, the MOMA, Central Park, Times Square, the Guggenheim and much more!

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Featured Cities

  • London, England Described as one of the worlds greatest cities, London is a vast, vibrant city with a wealth of sight-seeing opportunities. London’s streets hold everything to be desired: the finest tea, quaint bookshops, markets, antiques, and more. At night, enjoy cuisine from every region of the world, as well as top-notch plays, musicals, concerts, nightclubs - and of course classic English pubs. Read more...
  • Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok’s reputation for excess precedes it. Sleazy, energetic, and the gateway to what many see as the world’s greatest backpackers’ paradise, it’s a city that on the surface seems like it’s all play: toxic buckets of alcohol on the streets, fried insects to test your stomach further, and a dubious assortment of clubs where anything goes. Read more...
  • Rome, Italy A city that was once the heart of the Roman Empire, and now contains an entire tiny country (and the center of Catholicism) within its borders, Rome doesn’t stop there: a mammoth artistic heritage, two of Europe’s biggest football teams and a penchant for high-class fashion are also just waiting to be uncovered. Read more...
  • Tokyo, Japan The land of the rising sun has always held a certain mystique for many. With the ultra-modern, neon-glowing streets intermingled with aging temples and a culture that still leans heavily on ancient Confucian values, it’s a vibrant, blended society that has something to offer every type of traveler. As long as you have ample supplies of cash to burn, that is. Read more...
  • Paris, France It's hard to picture a city more iconic than Paris. With an astounding collective love of art, architecture and good old fashioned romance - as well as a heady new rap scene - the city has so many dimensions that you're going to have to prioritize. Luckily for you, you'd have to make a real effort not to see something a bit more special than your everyday city. The French capital is intellectual and classy,… Read more...

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The Hotel Hunters search over 235,000 hotel prices in 36,000 destinations across 225 countries worldwide to find you the cheapest hotel deal.